Bill Gates recommended books: My best reading books

recommended books to read

I have interested Bill Gates recommended books to read since my childhood. From the passage of the Primer, the story of the native and foreign-born writers is the practice of reading novels. From the same time, Bill Gates recommended books to read is with my daily companion. I found Adwanger’s taste like reading the books of Zulwarna. Especially I was reading Sherlock Holmes as I wanted to be Detective and Anna Frank diary. I have ever read in life. 

The story of an English master named Pip. The story of his growing up He is helping the criminals, looking for a man of his own love, and even seeing an old woman widowed. The biggest hopes of his own life are failing. At the end of the novel, he can find his old girlfriend.

 The Alchemist

The Alchemist – Paulo Coalho

A great book. The book is about to be able to realize life more deeply. The story of being a youngster named Santiago is here.

All Quaat on the Western Front – Arikh Maria Remark

For the first time, tears were not able to prevent tears. When Paul Boman, a seventeen-year-old teenager, He looked at the colorful scent. The author explained that the thousand years of civilization could not erase human beings. Through the character of the paw bombs, Wishing the horrific world war experience.

Sophis World-Yosten Girders

Philosophical novel.Sophie Amundsen, a 14-year-old girl. He was introduced to Alberto Nix, a mysterious philosopher. with whom she preached from the pre-Sucrates era to the present era, in a great Western philosophy of astonishing excursion. Once she trapped in the philosophical prawn network.

Three comrades – Arif Maria Remark

Three ex-soldiers have gone through the wreckage of the post-war veteran. All faiths are broken and only awake and mutual love. The story of one of the unexpected siblings of their own, these three comrades.

The Lost World – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Professor Challenger and his team discovered a place where modern people did not have the foot. Many strange weird creatures like dinosaurs survive today. In the name of BTV, he used to watch a patchy TV series in his childhood. Many people do not know that the series is from the original Sherlock Holmes, not the author Arthur Conan Doyle.

The Godfather- Mario Puzo

Michael Kelliani’s character is reflected in the character of it. I want to stay away from the family business. Luck eventually made him godfather.

Treasure Island – Robert Lewis Stevenson

And some people in the city take an adventurous mission. They fight pirates and assailants.

La Mijerable-Victor Hugo

The story of a life of a wretched person named Jahl Walaja – The story of the accident. Za Velja’s character is an immortal creation of Victor Hughor. For a piece of bread, he has been convicted for 20 years. His life spends in prison and running again and again.

Mythology – Edith Hamilton

Hamilton’s Mythology classic world, the greatest books of all time. Norse gods from Greek myths about the flawlessly has been described. A book to keep in store.

Mysterious Island – Jules Verne

Seven seems to be something special class as a result of the mysterious Captain Harding and his team trapped on the island. Event occurs one after another.

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