Best Selling Book Series of All Time | Sold more than 200 million

Best Selling Book Series

I am suggesting best selling book series, If you are book lover. If you love to read books regularly then these books will bring a positive change in your life. It will bust up your intrinsic motivation and lead to work differently. These are all proved best selling book series which suggested by the world leader to read.

Best Selling Book Series:

The following books are the best selling book series which were sold out more than 200 million. Find the books from here.

A Tale of Two Cities

Author Charles Dickens: First published: 1859, total sold more than 200 million. Dickens wrote in the footsteps of the French Revolution, it was filmed in London and Paris. The French Revolution was about the plight of France’s peasantry at the beginning. Even in 1957 the story of the novel was also performed as a stage play. So far, ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ has sold more than 200 million copies. Translations in the whole world, translated into more than fifty languages. The novel in chapter 45 has been published for 31 weeks. Later, it was made the movie. It has been circulated on radio and on television in many European countries. Many plays also made. In fact, it is the world’s most widely distributed best Selling Book Series in Wikipedia. More than 200 million books sold all over the world.

The Lord of the Rings

English linguist J. More. An epic high fantasy novel by Tolkien. This novel is considered one of the most popular and influential works in twentieth century. Between 1937 and 1949, during the second world war, this novel was published in step by step. it was published in three volumes. Due to the absence of paper in the postwar market, it was not possible to publish the novel before 1954-55. Later this novel is reprinted more than once and is translated into various languages of the world. This book sold 150 million copies.

The Hobbit

Children Literature of R. R. Tolkien is published on September 21, 1937. Popular as a classic book in children’s literature. The book has been translated into many languages of the world. Although fiction is a novel, the critics get praised. Was nominated for the famous Carnegie Medal and won the New York Herald Tribune Award as the best teen fiction. The book is still popular and as a child literature, 141 million copies of this book sold at all times.

The Little Prince

French language French author Antonio de Saint Exupery wrote this book first in 1943. It was voted the best book of the 20th century by voting in France. So far 250 languages translated and total sales are about 140 million copies! One of the best sellers in the history of the world and the most selling French language books.

On December 30, 1935, the authors of this book read an air crash in the Sahara Desert. Food and water less in desolate desert The sunny water in sunshine was seen. From that point of view they began to think about the different types of hallucination. The original story goes to an aeronaut who falls in the Sahara Desert by crushing the play. It came from Experience’s own experience. Here is the story of a king. The ‘all-powerful’ king has the power to control the stars of the sky, but he only gives an order that the stars did. This is what he says about his subjects in this way –

“The duty of ordinary people is to obey the king’s order only if that order is justified”

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

British author J. Who Harry Potter is the first novel in the fictional novel series Rowling. Here is the story of a teenage wizard named Harry Potter who first discovered at the age of eleven. he defeated the black magician Lord Voldemort and rescued the parasite. As soon as the book of Haripatra series published all over the world, the sale of the smoke falls. This series of world famous languages is quite popular. The story of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone book begins with the most horrific black magician in history. The book has been sold for 110 million copies.

Rowling’s debut as a magical writer began with the novel on June 26, 1997. In 1998, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone released in the United States under Scholastic Corporation. This book has been renovating all major European and American festivals in literature. This book reached the top of the York Times list as the highest-best Selling Book Series in 1999. The well-liked cinema is also very popular all over the world.

And Then there were none

One of the best novel novels by Agatha Christie, author of a world-renowned detective story. she is popular all over the world for writing such a novel. This book was first published on 6 November 1939 in Collins Crime in the UK.

“Orient Express” is trapped in the middle of the snowfall from Istanbul to London on a three-day trip. people of different ethnicity of various countries, including Belgian detectives Ericul Pooreo. It happens in the midst of a brutal assassination near the border of Poor. It happens in the non-public areas of the snow-covered areas one train begins to pawn among the mysterious suspensions.

This is the beginning of the story and the main source. Already the sale of this book exceeds 100 million.


Henry Rider Haggard published in 1887. ‘She’ was first released in graphic magazines. This is the first book of the Ayesha series. The ‘Aisha’ series has a lot of popularity. Someone says the book is very Victorian. The book is the eighth highest-best Selling Book Series list that time. More than 10 million copies have sold. Translated in 44 languages. Rider Haggard launches ‘Lost World’ sub-pop by ‘She’. In the later ages, fantasy has inspired inspiration. Although many criticized, the book has received praise from most readers. This book has immortalized its author Henry Ryder Haggard.

‘She’ is a compilation of adventure genres. Henry Ryder Haggard used to write the book to his workplace African Expert. He completed the book in six weeks. He wrote the last piece of ‘She’ in his literary agent’s office. After writing, the manuscript threw it into the agent’s table and said, that’s what I’m famous for. The description of ancient barbarians is very beautifully given in this book. The original character of the book is Ayesha. Very mysterious character. Ayesha was born in Arabia two thousand years ago. Impossible, it is difficult for a human to endure his form. Ayesha character is unusual abilities. The mystery and the story surrounding him continued. This book has won hundreds of criticism and has hit 100 million in the sale house.

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