Best Books 2016: The best 5 books I read in 2016

best books 2016
Never got so much pleasure in learning to read best books 2016, as much as I can now. When I was a kid, we had no alternative to self-learning. In my childhood, there was a set encyclopedia of my parents, which I read. There was no online course for the day, there was no video lecture or there was no podcast (digital audio). Which will introduce us to new ideas or thinkers?

Still, if I want to learn and learn a new topic, the best books 2016 is my favorite. From my childhood, I have read a book on average every week. Even when I am still busy, still I have to take a little longer to read The best 5 books.
If you want to read best books 2016 on upcoming holidays, then here are some of the books highlighted here. There is the list of my favorite books in the past year. From my favorite book, there is a Michelle in the book written on various subjects.
 String theory
David Foster Wallace
Whatever you think by name, the book ‘String Theory’ of Physics with the book but there is no similarity. But I can say that if you are traveling on the plane or on a train while reading the book, then the name of the book will be very intelligent to you. This book is about the top five articles written by the author on tennis. Tennis – The game that I left in the early days of Microsoft, but now I have started again with a lot of interest. To read the book, you must know to play the tennis game. Only I can say that Roger Federer runs his tennis racquet as efficiently as a tennis court, the author has written his pen in the same book. Another outstanding aspect of the author is his linguistic craft. He was able to present the book to the reader in a very simple way.
 Shoe Dog

2.Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

Phil Knight
The book is a memoir written by the co-founder of Nike (shoe manufacturer). Here he highlighted the road to business success. Many are unaccustomed, insecure and forgotten after a mistake. I met Phil Knight several times. A great man; But recognizing him and understanding is very difficult. Here is Knight’s business, the difficult words are said that some CEOs (chief executive officer) can boldly say. I do not think Knight readers here have very difficult to learn so hard to learn. Rather I believe that he meant something better than the story of his life. Undoubtedly a very unusual story.

3. The gene

Siddharth Mukherjee
Doctors are generally considered to be ‘triple throat’. Because they serve the patient, teach medical students and do research work. Columbia University’s Mukherjee does it. He is called Quadropole Threat. Because he is also a Pulitzer Prize winner! Mukherjee’s in this book highlights the past, present, and future of the people with the science of genetic science (genetics). At the same time, some of the human geniuses have highlighted the modern genome technology showing the path for our new future. The authors know very well how these innovative technologies will affect us. And that’s why he presented these topics vary with the book in front of the reader.
 The Myth of the Strong Leader

4. The Myth of the Strong Leader

Archie Brown
This year’s Critical election campaign inspired me to read this book in 2014. The author of this book is a man who studied Oxford University for more than fifty years. In his book, Brown has shown the political personality who contributed to history and humanity. But we do not think they mean ‘Strong Leader’ in that sense. They collaborate each other, give an opportunity to represent, discuss. It can realize that a person can not have all the answers – that is why they are successful. Brown could not think of himself, how his book’s words will come true in 2016.
 The Grid

5. The Grid

A book was written on ‘Electric Grid’, which represents the real world in front of the reader. I call this book a reason to be charming. My first job while attending high school was to work software for the Northwest region’s power grid control. If you have never thought of how to reach the electricity from your ‘power grid. This book is wonderful to understand. , if you read this book, the electrical grid is one of the best engineering in the modern world. you will be forced to realize. The “Clean Energy Future” grid modernization of the case is so complex and critical, an illustrated book of the same things.

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