Read President Obama’s book that can give you much pleasure

Obama's book

If you want to read President Obama’s book then you will be happy to know the Former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama write a new book. Their memoirs will be available in the White House in two separate books. Obama couple has signed an agreement worth $ 60 million ($ 480 million) with the world’s largest publishing company Penguin Random House, according to The Financial Times.

This is a record money for President’s memoir. Penguin House has said it has received rights to publish two books of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama worldwide.

But the title of the book will be…., nothing has been said.

Earlier, Obama wrote two books, ‘Dreams from My Father’ and ‘Audacity of Hope’. Both of these books are international bestsellers.

There is also a book about food and gardening named ‘American Grown’, with the former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Penguin’s executive chief Marcus Dahle said, “They changed the world with their words and leadership. Every day we try to do the same with the Penguin Random House. ‘

He said, “We are sincerely interested in working with them in publishing President and Mrs. Obama’s book at the global level.” Obama’s controversial lawyer Robert Burnett has been negotiating with the Obama couple to conclude this agreement.

According to the agreement, Obama’s book will be donated to one million copies of charity in First Book. After the former President Bill Clinton took over the responsibility, in 2004, he wrote a memoir called “My Life“, worth half a million dollars. And Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, was able to write a decree of $ 10 million. Obama and Michelle have a lot of public support compared to American contemporary politicians.

Former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama sign book deal with Penguin random house likely out of 10 million dollars. the president has not written books and head libraries built after them. The books will be available very soon. Penguin random house didn’t say anything about publishing the book. Michelle Obama is trying to write a book for the young people and she desired to inspire people.

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