Bill Gates Reading List: Nine Books, Nine Dreams 2017

Bill Gates reading list

I love to read books, In 2016 I find Bill Gates reading list at first and read all the books. Bill Gates says I was an ordinary entrepreneur at first. Then I became a millionaire.

And now working as a human rights activist. Along with changing my social contact, there has been a change in life and habits too. But a habit remains unchanged even today. That’s the habit of reading books.When I was a sponsor, I used to read books every week. When I went from entrepreneur to a millionaire, I used to read books one week. After that, when I was a human rights activist, I read one book a week. Today I will say about some of my favorite reading books at different times. I think everyone should read these books. These are Bill Gates reading list – 

This book is written by Warren Buffett. Careful Lumice’s Dancing-to-Work book will pay attention to the fact that there must be an engraving of two things within his mind. 1. How did Buffett reach his goal, and what was his investment strategy throughout his career. 2. You can know about his observation and analysis of the business. In 1996 I wrote a letter that I did not meet anyone, whose business has a clear idea. So far, my observation has not changed at all. Most people are ignorant about the technique of business. So, to get a complete and transparent understanding of the business, it is important to read this book.

Making the Modern World

Professor of Environmental Science at VS Slav Schmidt Most of his books are about energy and environment. You may think Making the Modern World is a book that is written in a world subject. This book is about how much we need to survive and how much we use it. We saw how the quality of living has improved in the United States and other rich countries over the past 100 years. We now want a tragedy that we can take over all the humanity in the next 50 years. Before that we need to know, where have we been? Where’s our destination? This book may be an excellent source of information.

The Sixth Extension

Environmental scientists have accepted the fact that there have been five extinctions in the history of the world. Elisabeth describes the phenomenon of human beings, which is actually the sixth event extinction in the history of the world.

Stress Test

Timotea Gaithner once painted a picture of a man, as seen in the man fighting the global financial crisis. At the same time, it was seen that the administration was involved in the war of criticism inside and outside. The political battle of the economic crisis was very ugly. But if people keep a little knowledge about this (economic downturn), then it becomes a lot easier. The stress test will undoubtedly help with this knowledge.

The Better Angels of Our Nature

This book seems very important to me in the books I have read so far. Steven Pinker has produced much evidence about people who are slowly becoming less violent and becoming more and more human. The process of transitioning from a violent state to human history has started, even today, thousands of years ago. The book has been given more emphasis on this human issue. I’m a very optimistic person as a person, as a man. The book gave me food to think about the techniques of our organization.

The Man Who Fade the World

Leon Hesser, Writes The Man Who Fades the World. Although many do not know the name of Norman, he lives on the pages of history. It is said that in his life of millions of starving people, his invention of ‘new varieties of seeds’ is preserved. Normann was a kind of man, who also demonstrated skill in the laboratory and suggested young scientists. Reading the book can understand how Barlog saved the lives of billions of people.

Business adventures

It was in 1991. I asked Warren Buffett, what is your most favorite book? Then he said, business adventures. After listening to this, my interest in the book grew. I collect and read the book. After knowing the facts, the book has taken place on the list of my favorite books. Under John Brooks’ reading this book, I understand one thing: ‘Man’ is an essential thing for every business endeavor. It is not a matter of whether you are in business with the right product. The topic is, your product production planning and product marketing plan. And the main thing is to select the right people to implement these two plans.

The Bulli Pulpit

How does social change happen? Is this the motivation of any leader? Or, for this change, first of all, there is no major form of work in the grassroots community? What US President Roosevelt did, he was able to unite a large number of people. Roosevelt tried many political reforms at the beginning of his career. His delay was to get success. But in the end, he was successful with the support of a large number of people. Doris Cairns Goodwin’s book will help you find out about this.

The Rosie Project

Those who are very reasoned, they find their own match with the hero of this book. The hero of this book is a professor of genetics. He was looking for a wife who does not have a disease named Asperger! This book by Graym Simson is very humorous, intelligent and fluent. I have finished reading the book at one meeting! Bill Gates reading list can help anybody to find the best books for personal development and self-improvement.

Bill Gates reading list 2017 :

“Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City,” by Matthew Desmond

In 2016 book, which Gammon won a 2017 Pulitzer Prize for a black and one white neighborhood, closely related to the Milwaukee residents, White writes: “It is better to read ‘illegal’ for Americans who want to understand poverty better.”

Gates and his wife Melinda started working with Desmond on this issue. “With help from our foundation, (Desmond) is counting deportation rates for every city of the country,” Gates wrote. “He realized the depth of the failures of this market, why the dense prices in the home are higher in partial enjoyment (we did this before reading ‘Vacation’).”

“The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated Memoir,” by Thi Bui

Gates this graphic novel “Stunning.” Bui is the daughter of Vietnamese refugees who came to America after the fall of Saigon and became a parent to inspire her to find the terrifying history of her parents. Gates said, “I have seen an experience that both of them are public and they can be specific for their condition.”

“Believe Me: A Memoir of Love, Death, and Jazz Chickens,” by Eddie Izzard

One of the acclaimed comedies Izzard Gates’s favorite acting, he says. Amazingly, he was amazed to understand how much he liked the American billionaire with “a fun, DXX, transgender actor, comedian, escape artist, UNICECOST, super-marathon, and pilot from Great Britain”. Like Gates, Ezartad was a nerdy child’s school and lost his mother from cancer.

But Gates warns that those who are not star stars cannot follow their autobiography. Gates wrote, “You must testify to his heroic, intellectual, self-condemned humorous brand”. “Otherwise, you’re going to be walking in the middle of a conversation.”

“The Sympathizer,” by Viet Thanh Nguyen

The second book on Vietnam in the Gates list, this is the only novel to be displayed. Another Pulitzer Prize-winning, the book was presented as an enforced confession of an anonymous communist double agent during the Vietnam War. “Most war stories should be on your side – ‘The Simpathier’ does not let the reader easily stop the hook,” Gates wrote.

“Energy and Civilization: A History,” by Vaclav Smil

Gates is a Vaclav Smil fanboy. “I wait for the next Star Wars movie for some people waiting for the new Smil book,” he admitted. In this book, Smile “deeply and broadly explains how the power of innovation in humans can trigger heat, light, and speed is a driving force behind our cultural and economic progress in the last decade.”

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