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The book ‘The Alchemist’ creates an understanding of itself, which is very helpful in changing the outlook of life. Many successful personalities in the world, such as Bill Clinton, Julia Roberts, Will Smith, Madonna have suggested to read The Alchemist Book. Those who love reading books or have not yet read The Alchemist Book, read it, will love it. Even greater than that, learn and learn good things.

Why ‘The Alchemist Book‘ is so popular?

If you are told, how to find a treasure hidden in the dream. How can you find a life story in the way of the fate of the fate and there is a story about the story. Do you want to know the story? Like a fairytale story with the story of real life or how much, do not want to know? While reading that story, it is written with the realization of spiritual and real life. The Best Selling in the World. The most widely read and popular book ‘The Alchemist’

This book published in Portuguese country in Brazil in 1988 in Paolo Coelahora. Although it is not in the bestselling list, later it is ranked among the highest-selling books in the international market. The book, translated into English in 1993, has sold 65 million copies so far. Worldwide book sales are increasing and this is the most translated book ever so far.

The reason behind the popularity of ‘The Alchemist’

The Alchemist Book:

The book ‘The Alchemist’ is not only popular in the whole world but also the book has been translated into 67 languages. ​​And the book is topped in the list of the best-selling books of all 18 countries. One of the reasons for this incredible success of ‘The Alchemist’ is the background of its story. In the story of the story, the first time comes the shepherd Santiago’s daily life story, which helps the reader to match their regular life. One of the central messages of the book is that it is not against the reality of being spiritual. That is, spirituality is a part of real life, which makes our life easier to understand.

In fact, what we want or really want from the heart is actually the message of the universe. That person is truly living, trying hard to make his dreams come true.

‘The Alchemist’ is a straightforward story in a straightforward style, which makes the story lively to the reader. The rituals and ethics that have been presented in the story show a lot of fondness for our childhood. As a result the reader is never bothered to read the story. Along with this, the story helps people to understand the life span. Writer helped create a connection between reality and spirituality in his writings. It helps readers easily understand some of the philosophies of life.

Biography and analysis of ‘The Alchemist’

  1. Fear is a bigger obstacle than the obstacle itself

The biggest obstacle to fulfilling any dream is fear. Maybe the obstacles in the way of fulfilling dreams will not be so big that the big problem is fear.

It should always remembered that every major risk brings great success. Any new dream path will be unfamiliar. But keep in mind that insanity can be seen in the same way.

  1. What is ‘true’ will always endure

Regardless of how difficult and bad the truth is, you have to learn to accept it. Also, it should be remembered that if anything is true, it will never be amalgamated, it will not be confused with the wind.

A part of the book says so-

“If what one finds made pure thing, it will never spoil and one can always come back If you had found someone, you would find nothing on your return. “

  1. Break the monotony

Intercourse will take a break. Life will be out of the ordinary.

Many people are not able to see the novelty of life. They blame life for which the only reason, they are not really grateful to life. Gratitude is a special quality of human character that helps to identify the blessings of life and liberates life from monotony.

  1. Embrace the present

One of the lessons in The Alchemist book is, survive now. Life is a very big journey, where every person is performing a certain character and no character is permanent.

“Life means dynamism, life does not mean stability or stability”

  1. Your success has a ripple-effect

There is an abstract change in success. When you try to bring out your own good edition, you see that everything around you is changing well. This good change will be reflected in your life, friends and family all over. In the book it has been said-

“That’s what alchemists do They show that, when we strive to become better than we are, all around us becomes better, too. “

  1. Make the decision

One of the lessons of ‘The Alchemist’ is to learn to make decisions. If someone decides on his dream or goal, he will take half a step to fulfill his dream. The rest of the work just hanging in that way. All have to remember “Actions will flow out of confidence in your decision; Sitting on the fence will get you nowhere ”

“When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places. He has never dreamed of when he first made the decision.”

  1. Be unrealistic

There was not much bigger discovery in the world, if everyone thought too much of the prakalal or the world would have accepted it as it was. Excellent innovation and achievement is possible only when you learn to ignore the impossible.

“I see the world what I would like to see happen, not what really does.”

  1. Keep getting back up

The most important lesson in the book ‘The Alchemist’ is to learn how to turn around in life. Remember, even if you can not do it seven times, maybe your success may be a few times. There are many writers who have not left the writing even after hundreds of texts have been dropped. There are many artists who have not been established yet they are practicing. Because when the opportunity comes in life you will have to be prepared for that opportunity.

  1. Focus on your own trip

Be aware of your own life, be fully aware of your desires, desires and needs.

“If someone is not others, you become angry. Everyone has a clear idea of ​​how others should lead their lives, but none about his or her own. “

It is very easy to be influenced by others. But the consequences of this will be terrible, if you live the life of another person. There is no mistake in taking education or advice from others, but be aware that it should be consistent with your life.

  1. Always take action

As long as you learn in life, you are alive. You will always have to move forward and take steps to learn. Always remember-

“Once you’re done aiming, pull the trigger”

If we want anything from the mind, the whole world will want to give us the kind of desire it receives.

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